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Volvo Plastic Trim Clips- Interior Fascia Panels, Door Cards & Pillar Covers 30653441

SKU: FCP-0315-VL1

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Title: Pack of 10
Widely used across the Volvo range, these clips are essential if you regularly work with Volvo cars. They replace the yellow version (30653441) and are used to attach all manner of interior trim panels from door cards and tailgate linings to sill covers and pillar trims.

Volvo Part Number: 30653441

Hole Size: 8mm

Colour: Black

Tailgate Lining Clips and Boot Lid Lining, Boot Carpet and Interior Lining, Engine Bay Shield, Side Step Trim and Cover Fastener, Interior Side Trim, Interior Pillar Trim, Interior Door Sill Cover, Side Skirt, Sill Moulding Cover Trim