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6.5mm Plastic Screw Fit Rivet- Bumpers, Grilles, Arches- Land Rover RYQ500070

SKU: FCP-0416-LA1

• High quality alternative to the genuine parts

• Fitted across the Land Rover range

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$5.00 - $15.00
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Title: Pack of 10
These clips are used on lots of different Land Rover vehicles from the MK2 Discovery up to the current Range Rovers. They are typically used as wheel arch lining, bumper and side skirt clips but are fitted in a range of different places. The clip is known to Land Rover as part number AWR3994 and RYQ500070.

Land RoverLand Rover Part Number: RYQ500070AWR3994

Hole Size: 7mm

Colour: Black

Windscreen Cowl or Scuttle Panel, Front Wheel Arch Flare and Trim Moulding, Rear Bumper and Trim Fastener, Side Skirt, Sill Moulding Cover Trim, Front Wheel Arch Lining and Mudguard, Rear Wheel Arch Lining and Mudguard, Engine Bay Shield, Front Bumper and Trim Fastener, Front Grille or Slam Panel, Underbody Shields and Insulation Panel Fastener