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Exterior Windscreen A-Pillar Trim Clips- Land Rover DYC500020

SKU: FCP-0567-LA1

• Available to buy in bulk

• Includes foam sealing washer

• High quality equivalent to the OE part

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$6.00 - $17.00
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Title: Pack of 10
These yellow clips come pre fitted with the foam sealing washers. They are used on the several Land Rover and Range Rover models. The clip is used to attach the plastic moulding trims that run on the exterior of the car down the A-Pillar (windscreen pillar) and some other pillars depending on the models.

Land Rover Part Number: DZM000070

Hole Size: 9mm

Colour: Yellow

Exterior Windscreen or A-Pillar Trim, Exterior E-Pillar