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Loctite AA319 Rear View Mirror & Aerial / Antenna Bonder

SKU: AAS-0009

• Suitable for glass & metal only

• Bonds in minutes

• Clean & easy to use

• Compensates for different thermal expansion of parts

• Shear strength (GBMS): 10 N/mm²

Original price $9.00 - Original price $66.00
Original price
$9.00 - $66.00
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Title: Single Tube

Loctite AA 319 is an adhesive kit for mounting rear view mirrors and glass mounted phone and radio aerials.

The adhesive is specially formulated to join metal and glass and allow for the different thermal expansion of the two materials. Due to the close fitting nature of these parts, an activator mesh is included. This mesh is placed between the two parts being joined. It activates the glue and starts a fast and reliable cure.

One pack is suitable for a single mirror or aerial. We also sell this item in the bulk box of 12 individual packs. That's perfect for garages or mobile fitters.

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Colour: Grey