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Plastic Padding Super Steel Epoxy Weld

SKU: AAS-0005

• Sets like steel

• Seals, repairs, bonds, fixes and replaces

• Ideal for general emergency repairs

• Suitable for metal, wood, china, stone, glass and leather

• Working time 5 min, cure time 10 min

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Plastic Padding Super Steel is a metal-filled two-component adhesive which sets like steel. Seals, bonds, fixes and replaces. It is ideal for emergencies.
Super Steel is a dark-grey coloured, metal-filled, two-component adhesive which sets like steel and is suitable for metal, wood, china, stone, glass and leather. Seals, bonds, fixes and replaces and therefore is ideal for general emergency repairs around the home, garden, farm, car and boat. It hardens in 5 minutes and cures in 10 minutes. Maximum continuous temperature use 315°C.
Here at VehicleClips, we love Plastic Padding. It's an essential item for any workshop and allows for improvised repairs to a huge range of materials. The strength of the repair often becomes stronger that the original item. Plastic Padding is easy to work with and great for improvised repairs.
Plastic Padding Super Steel comes as two tubes. When the contents of the tubes are well mixed together, the curing process begins and you have a short period to place and use the mixture. The mixture hardens and soon cures to be as strong as steel.

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