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Plastic Retaining Nut for Trims and Panels, Volkwagen N90757901

SKU: FCP-0859-VW1

• High quality aftermarket fasteners

• Internal diameter of 3.9mm

• Not threaded

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$5.00 - $15.00
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Title: Pack of 10
These nuts have an unthreaded internal diameter of 3.9mm. The parts are normally fitted onto a coarsely threaded stud and the thread is cut into the nut as it is wound on. This type of wide collared nut is typically used for splashguards, wheel arch linings, underbody shields and interior carpet. This clip is widely used on modern Volkswagen cars and vans.

Volkswagen Part Number: N90757901

Colour: Black

Front Wheel Arch Lining and Mudguard, Rear Wheel Arch Flares and Moulding Trim, Rear Wheel Arch Lining and Mudguard, Interior Door Sill Cover, Interior Carpet and Upholstery Fastener, Interior Side Trim, Dashboard and Fascia Trim, Front Bumper and Trim Fastener