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Plastic Screw Grommet for Wheel Arches, Bumpers, Side Skirts etc- Skoda N90833801

SKU: FCP-0468-SK1

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Title: Pack of 10
These are very widely used across the VAG group. The grommet is used on a large number of parts including around bumpers, sills, side skirts, wheel arch liners, shields and under body trays. These vehicles tend to use a lot of similar looking, but different sizes of grommets. These fit an 8mm square hole. We've provided the measurements and the OE part number to help ensure you get the correct parts.

Skoda Part Number: N90833801

Hole Size: 7.5x7.5mm

Colour: Black

Rear Bumper and Trim Fastener, Rear Wheel Arch Lining and Mudguard, Front Wheel Arch Lining and Mudguard, Front Bumper and Trim Fastener, Tailgate Lining Clips and Boot Lid Lining