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Rubber Weatherstrip Trim Clip- 5mm Hole, 11mm Head- Nissan X-Trail & Qashqai Lower Door Seals

SKU: FCP-0229

• Replace damaged or missing seal clips

• Not available separately from Nissan

• High quality parts

Original price $5.00 - Original price $14.00
Original price
$5.00 - $14.00
Current price $5.00
Title: Pack of 10
These clips are a perfect fit to replace any damaged or missing fasteners on the Qashqai lower door seals. The rubber strip runs along the bottom of the door and the clips can easily be kicked loose or pulled out if the rubber catches on anything. Nissan don't sell the clips separately so these fasteners save having to buy the entire seal just for a missing clip.

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Colour: Black